Food with Friends

Food is something that’s meant to be shared. It helps us connect with our family, we can use it to show off to our friends, and it’s a way to show our loved one that we care. It can be fun to make, sometimes stressful, and almost always delicious. It’s social. Good food is meant for sharing, to be set out on fancy plates for your friends to nibble at and marvel at your skill.

When people come together to cook and to share food, something magical happens. It happens every single day and most of us don’t even take the time to notice it. When we eat together, our guards are down and we learn just a little bit about each other –you know which of your coworkers can’t eat gluten, which of your friends hates broccoli, whether or not your cousin is a vegetarian this month. You learn about what makes a person tick, what they like and don’t like, and all the while, you’re sharing a little something about yourself too.

Having a potluck and movie night with friends can be a fantastic experience. You can pick a theme like ‘old family recipes’ and have everyone bring a dish that fits it, or you can just have everybody bring whatever they like as long as it’s homemade. It’s a great way to share a little piece of your family with your semi-adopted family as well as try new dishes that you may not be familiar with. You can make something big and fancy if you like, but this optimal fare is anything that can be split amongst lots of people. Appetizers and finger foods were made for sharing and they’re small so that if there are lots of dishes, no one gets too full.

If you don’t like to cook or you’re just not the type to share the things you make at home, going out to eat with friends can be just as intimate. If you’re not really a picky eater, you can have them pick the restaurant. It’s another great opportunity to go to places that you’ve never been to before and to try new things. You still get to enjoy the intimate setting but without the hassle of cooking up a winning meal yourself.

Whatever the setting, sharing meals with the people that you care for in your life is a fantastic way to impart warmth and affection. Sharing good food and great times is what friends are all about, after all, so gather round a table, pour some wine and have a few laughs with the people who light up your life.