Sex Toys Just For You…not for sharing

We all agree that sex toys with free shipping are enjoyable. But they can fill a wide range of functions in our lives, whether we’re single, in a partnership, or even in a group, if that’s your cup of tea. Customers who enjoy using toys with others but who also have a few toys that are just for them are something we hear from customers quite frequently, so we felt it was something to write about.

Anything Particular
While other people frequently have a role in our sexual lives, there are moments when we are the only ones who can do it flawlessly. With certain toys, it appears to be the same. Possessing a toy that is genuinely just for you when you want to play is absolutely fine. There are toys that guys have that could be shared but are lovely to have as a personal toy, so this is not just a problem for women.

Women prefer to keep their own sex toys.
The clit sucker, one of our favourite toys, appears to be reserved mostly for solo usage. In some ways, this makes sense. The only toy that a man actually can’t use on himself is probably this one, though you might have other ideas after reading this. . The best bet is to just sit back and watch the news for the next. Clit suckers are relatively compact and convenient to transport. We’ve also heard that some ladies prefer to keep dildos and vibrators for private use because of their more realistic appearance and feel. They can be useful when only a fantasy will do and are effective when you allow your imagination go wild! Finally, there is the powerful bunny! Even while it’s great for foreplay, many women prefer to keep it to themselves. It’s kind of like the clit suckers, except rabbit vibrators truly are great and they really hit the spot(s). They function so effectively that solo play is possible.

Guys prefer to keep their own sex toys.
There are entirely distinct sex gadgets for men—no pun intended. The sex toy phenomenon is somewhat new for many guys, which can lead to some shyness. It’s strange that using toys is absolutely OK for women but not for males, according to some! Sleeves, Flesh Lights, and masturbators are popular male private toys. They frequently only get used when there is no one else involved since they can provide a level of pleasure only experienced with penetrative or oral sex. There is a tendency to use these toys “instead” of, rather than “as well” as, the person you are now with. Although they function quite well in a pair environment, prostate toys can also be maintained for solitary pleasure. Men can be hesitant when it comes to anal play, so it makes sense that the most popular prostate vibrators and massagers are typically private toys.

Why is Private?
It’s crucial to keep in mind that keeping some things private is acceptable, and having a spouse who does so is beneficial. While it’s lovely to share, we all need our own time, space, and possessions. Even if it can be a bit difficult to understand, partners can and should enjoy themselves during sexual encounters without you. Bringing a toy from the private collection into the partnership as a surprise can also be a tonne of fun!

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